Developers do not stand still and try as often as possible to please experienced players with new slot machines. This time I would like to introduce the Centurion gaming machine, which became popular almost from the very first day of its appearance. As practice shows, many players are trying to choose for themselves something new, not clogged up to the holes. Now new slots are becoming popular, with a more modern design, a game system and much more.


Centurion game is a gambling device for fans of the classic gambling. The only significant departure from the traditional rules is the joker, but it is unlikely that anyone will be upset by its use. The design is intuitive, the graphics are pleasant, the control system is comfortable. The return level can be considered as average. But the variance is quite high for these games.


First of all, it should be noted that Inspired is a provider company that develops not only online games, but also software. In this regard, we can conclude that the developers know a lot about their work. They tried to invest maximum in their new creation and this is evident in the design. The same pictures on the drum remind you that you play with gladiators and if several of them match in a row, you will have the opportunity to make a decent profit. The best free online casinos you can always find on the Internet, you can read our review here.


This slot became available both in paid game mode and in free mode. Each player should be able to learn the machine better and figure out how it works. It is for this reason that you are given the opportunity to test the slot in a completely free mode. Experienced players say that the best casinos are located on foreign sites. You understand that if the site is foreign, with reviews, descriptions and other things, then it is verified.


Slot Features and Game System


Centurion is a five-drum model with twenty active bands and nine pictures on a central screen.

You can use five, ten or twenty lanes. Up to three coins worth $ 0.01 - $ 5 are allowed on them (0.01 - $ 45 per spin). In addition to the basic pictures, jokers and mixed combinations are available in Centurion slots game, which are composed of individual types of images. By standard rules, combinations are formed from three identical symbols on a line. The amount of payment is determined by the rate and coefficients provided for all possible chains. By a bet of three coins of any denomination, the gain in the maximum sequence is disproportionately inflated. Compare: 500, 1000 and 2000 chips with one, two and three chips at stake. Multiple payouts in the same back are allowed if the game is played on more than one line. In such cases, the loans are summarized.

The design of the game fully justifies its name. Here you will see a gladiator not only on the drums, but also in additional games. Pleasant music that will appeal to absolutely everyone. If you wish, you can turn it off and listen to something different in the background. You are presented with several winning combinations that will surprise you with their size. The maximum win amount depends directly on your bets. The biggest win you can get is one million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The return of the game slot more than 75% of the money invested in it, which increases your chances of getting a win

The paytable is located right on the main screen. When combinations are formed, they are highlighted in lines over the drums. With large wins, the main character appears. The Options tab launches the settings window for sound, screen, gameplay speed and other parameters. The Centurion gaming machine opens in the browser. Mobile version is designed for smartphones. Pay attention to the animation in the game, because it is unique in its own way. Nothing like the developers have not done. It is also important to remember that when you register and first replenish your account balance, you will definitely get a bonus.


Bonus Rounds and Symbol system of the slots game


In addition to the gladiator, who brings the maximum winnings, the symbols “Prince” and “Princess” are of great value, which also give a good income. As the scatter symbol (scatter) used the image "Colosseum". The loss of three such symbols on any of the reels activates the bonus game. But the "gladiator mask" - a wild symbol can only fall on the reels 2,3 or 4. If there are three such symbols, then a special bonus game called "gladiator game" is activated. Before starting the game and sending it to the arena in Ancient Rome, the user will have to select the number of game lines and the size of the bets.

The slot machine will please the user with a bonus game. Centurion bonus games are very original and make good money. So, in the first case, in the game Colosseum, users will open a field with 4 rows of stones, among which you need to find prizes. In the first row there is a different number of free games hidden, in the second multipliers, in the third scatter symbols, and in the last, fourth row, there are wild symbols. Unfortunately, during the bonus spins, once again they will not work. The second bonus game on the video slot is the “Gladiator game”, which can be activated by dropping the “gladiator mask” on one of the three reels. In the game you have to look for prizes under 9 helmets, each of which has a different prize value.




The appearance of the Centurion game slot is associated with the popularization of the gladiator theme and ancient Rome. You have noticed that every year more and more films with a similar theme are being shot. People began to be interested in history and therefore the developers have tried to respect the lovers of the Roman Empire and everything connected with it. How well it all turned out - to judge only the players. It is impossible to say for sure that this slot will become one of the best and most famous. Every gamble is forgotten with time, because something new comes to replace it. At this stage, the Gladiators are at the peak of their popularity. Having tried to play this exciting slot at least once, you will understand that there is nothing more interesting at the moment.